Carrie and Kittens




Gender:Female and Male

Characteristics:Affectionate, Friendly, Active, Playful

Carrie and her 5 kittens

Carrie, the tortie mummy is a young cat. She has been sterilised, vacinated and tested fiv/felv negative. Kittens are about 4 months old. They are ready to be adopted. Two black kittens, two tabby kittens and one tortie kitten.

Carrie is affectionate and loves human attention. Her kittens are all human friendly and loves to be pat. They can be carried and hug. They are active and playful. Dylan is the sweet lapkitten.

If you are keen to adopt them, preferably in pairs, please contact PG @81274108.

Carrie and 5 kittens

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