Family Pet Camp @ Sembawang 2018 (2-3 June)

We are honoured to be invited to PA Water-Venture for the 2-day Family Pet Camp that was held from 2-3 June.

On the first day of the camp, we had a session on Pet Massage and our speaker Endajoy shared useful tips on how to take care of pets to our young audience. It had been a fun and fruitful day filled with laughter and joy. Our doggies were very happy as well because they were given lots of treats by the excited audience.

The second day at Passion Wave at Sembawang was equally exciting as we educated the younger generation on how to take care of dogs and encouraged the families to adopt instead of buying a pet.

This 2 days Family Pet Camp was organised by PA Water-Venture. They have many other outdoor activities for families too. Do check them out at

We would like to thank our volunteers: Endajoy (Speaker), Sean, Charis, Irene, Siew Ching, Patricia, Alice, Jacinta, Kyar Ni Aung and our therapy dogs: Xin Xin, Nien Nien, Zelia, Hope, Chocolate, Misty, Zech, Noel, Whisky, Sweetie and Princess for making this camp a success.

Last but not least, thank you PA Water-Venture for the great opportunity.

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Day 2

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