Easter Food Donation 2017 (20 Mar – 15 Apr)


Date:16 April 2017

Our annual Easter Food Donation has officially concluded on Easter Sunday, 16 April 2017, with a total donation of $6,160 collected for our stray feeding purpose. We would like to thank every of our supporters for your generous donation in helping us achieve, and supersede our target of $3,750, which is 6 months worth of food supply.

The Easter Food Donation Drive has been ongoing for years. It was first started to provide essential food to the stray dogs and alleviate the financial strain of stray feeders by donating 25kg or rice monthly. Additionally, we also hoped that stray feeders could trap the adult dogs so that we can sterilize as many as possible in an attempt to control the population of the strays.

We will use this money to buy rice, kibbles and canned food. We will also purchase medical essentials such as Frontline, Anti sceptic solutions for wound treatment.

Every month, we spend $625 to provide 25 bags of 25 kg bag of rice to these angelic stray feeders. The stray feeders are:

  1. Mei Mei
  2. Lee Chew
  3. Bee Lian
  4. Suresh Kumar
  5. Joanne Tan /Shirlin Lam

Thank you for your donations:

  1. Tan Poh Tin $100
  2. Janice Oh $250
  3. Dr Charles $250
  4. Amanda Lam $100
  5. Sim Hsien Min $100
  6. Nellie $100
  7. Anonymous $100
  8. Annie Tan $100
  9. Jos Ng $1000
  10. Alvina Tan $100
  11. Renee Foo $100
  12. Seb Foo $100
  13. K Tan $250
  14. Lucky, Money Dong Dong $150
  15. Chua Li Na $100
  16. Little Cherry $50
  17. Lee Bee Yen $100
  18. Chung Khim Chong $1,000
  19. Anonymous $100
  20. Jasmine $50
  21. Christie Prajitino $50
  22. mBK $50
  23. Angeline Ng $50
  24. Christine Lin $60
  25. Chua Ai Ling Christi $500
  26. Kai Wen $100
  27. Jacinta Loo $300
  28. Lee Ying Chen $50
  29. Susanna Lim $800

Please look out for this space as we will be buying rice and medical supplies for our angelic feeders to feed and take care of the stray dogs. Once again, thank you for all your support and donations in helping us feed these forgotten dogs.







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